About & Privacy


We aim to provide a platform to not only catalog the various onion websites but also strive to link various metadata to these sites in order to paint a bigger picture. With a background in intelligence gathering we understand how open source intelligence is a very powerful tool. We hope our tool can prove useful for investigators, intel analysts, researchers and the mere curious. We also would like to think that by showing how metadata can combine to provide powerful snap shots it will make people more conscious about the innocuous details we all throw out into the digital universe.

Clear Privacy Policy

  • We will never sell any visitor information.
  • Beyond the typical web server log data that is common with the vast majority of web servers (such as visit time, length, ip address, etc) we collect the following specific information:
    • When you search our site if your search produces an onion domain that is not yet cataloged we add it to our list of future scans. We do not associate any visitor information with this search query.
    • We do not log search terms (example: searching for “Torrent Music” will not be logged)
    • We do not log onion searches that are already cataloged.
  • To assess loads and other data which becomes useful in running and maintaining a website we have installed Google Analytics into our site. There are various browser plug-ins that can disable this. We do not penalize visitors who choose to have this bit of code disabled. You can read Google’s Privacy Policy here. You can find a plug-in to opt out of Google Analytics for this and other sites by visiting this page. Note this is just one suggestion there are others; feel free to use any plug in you feel comfortable with.
We need your help! Please help us ensure this service remains free for everyone. If you find this service useful, see it's potential, want to see new features, or wish to support us please consider donating any amount to the following bitcoin address: 1MoKXtDrpnrZgv4DHps6FDKd6uhyiTCfLu. - Thank you!